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Prof. HMM is now a part of our memories.  His ideas, concepts, books, articles, experiments, the discussions and interactions we have had with him continue to be with us.  Many of us connected with HMM in various ways – through Social Work education, thinking, research, discussion, experiments, community organisation, literature, NGO consortium, etc., on one side and on the other Sharana Sahithya, Kannada Literature, folklore, developing political awareness, etc. In the midst of his responsibilities as the Chairman and HOD of Social Work Department, Bangalore University, Prof. HMM was keenly working on developing Hirekumbalagunte, his native village through Swasthi and its activities and developing the concept of ‘Nirmala Karnataka’. 

Prof. HMM had utmost interest in nurturing human relationships. All those who came in contact with him would automatically become his family… as if they were his close relatives. HMM had interesting stories and anecdotes to narrate these.    

The relationship with Prof. HM Marulasiddiah that we have had individually are some things we treasure. They are very dear to us. Let us share those memories with others and widen our own and also hand over the good learnings and feelings to the next generation.

On 10th Nov 2018 along with the ‘Prof. HMM Memorial Meeting’ a web page on HMM would be open. At present it would be hosted in

Prof. HMM Memoir: In this memoir page, there would be write ups by those who have interacted and worked with HMM, his own writings, photographs, about his books and articles, audio and video recordings done with him etc., will be uploaded. This memoir would be rich with information, if you contribute and share your writings and information that you have about Prof. HMM. If you can write and send it to us it would be great. If you cannot write, kindly use your mobile phone to make a short audio or even a video record and send it to us. We intend to publish select write ups in book form in the near future.

Although there is no time limit to share these write ups, audio and video clips and photographs with us, if you could send them before 10th November 2018, we can have valuable information to the ‘Prof. HMM Memoir’ that would be launched on that day.

Looking forward to your valuable contributions

Vasudeva Sharma N.V.
Ramesh Nirathanka

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